Esercizi Facili e Naturali per l’Ingrandimento del Pene

There is no denying that every man wants a bigger penis. It’s no wonder, a lot of men out there try to use all kinds of methods to add a centimeter or two to their penises. The good news though is that penis enlargement is not as complicated as a lot of men tend to think.

This is precisely because there are some natural methods that you can use to enlarge your favorite and most precious body part without having to buy those expensive and ineffective penis enlargement pills and creams. Among these are the exercises. Below are some of the natural penis enlargement exercises that are worth giving a try especially if you feel insecure about penis size.

1. Jelqing

This exercise is not only simple and straightforward, it is also effective. All you have to do is make sure your penis is partially erect, and then stroke its shaft towards the glans. Doing this a couple of times in a day will not only help bring nutrient rich blood into your penis, but it will be more important to help increase the length and girth of your penis.

2. Stretching

Stretching exercises are also effective and particularly good for beginners. Penis stretching is the oldest type of penis exercise. To begin with stretching exercise, grasp the penis behind the head and then gently pull it down. Press and hold the stroke for at least 30 seconds. Gently pull the penis in different directions and then hold each stretch for about 30 seconds. For example, you can pull the penis to the right, left, up and up. Do this several times a day and you will notice some results after a couple of weeks.

3. Penis pumps

Penis pumps provide a type of mechanical penis exercise. They are available in a wide range of shapes, they have different characteristics from each other. However, the basic principle of these pumps is the same. Basically, a cylinder goes beyond a man’s penis, and a pump – electric or manual – creates a partial erection in the vacuum inside the cylinder. It is due to the decrease in pressure that causes the tissues to expand in the man’s penis and also to fill with blood. Among the most popular pumps on the market today are the Penomet and the Bathmate. These two are water pumps. Other popular pumps on the market include the Passion Pump and Phallosan.

4. Penis extenders

Penis extenders basically work on the principle of lengthening, even if they involve the use of a mechanical device in order to keep the stretch for a prolonged duration of time. Among the most popular penis extenders on the market nowadays are Jes Extender, Penis Pal, Male Edge and Phallosan among others.

5. Pendants to attach to the penis

Just as the name suggests, the use of pendants to attach to the penis involves attaching a device with a weight to hang on the penis, causing tension on the penis thereby increasing the size and circumference of the penis over time.

6. Kegels

Although these exercises can not be used for penis enlargement, it will nevertheless be stronger, harder and with longer lasting erections. To perform the Kegel, just move your hand up and down the shaft of the penis, the same way you would to masturbate. Due to the improvement of blood flow to the penis as a result of these exercises, the length and circumference of your penis will increase over time.

With these natural penis enlargement exercises, it will be easy to add a centimeter or two to your current penis size.