International Cooperative Biodiversity Groups

ICBG Groups

Current Comprehensive Awards

Seven International Cooperative Biodiversity Groups, consisting of diverse public and private institutions including universities, environmental organizations and pharmaceutical companies in nine countries, are currently collaborating on multi-disciplinary projects toward the goals outlined in the introduction.

Project Title Principal Institution Principal Investigator Collaborating Country NIH RePORTER
Discovery of Natural Product Based Drugs and Bioenergetic Materials from Costa Rican Biota University of Michigan at Ann Arbor David Sherman Costa Rica NIH Reporter Link
Exploration, Conservation, and Development of Marine Biodiversity in Fiji Georgia Institute of Technology Mark Hay Fiji NIH Reporter Link
Biodiversity Surveys in Indonesia and Discovery of Health and Energy Solutions University of California, Davis Kyria Boundy-Mills Indonesia NIH Reporter Link
Biodiversity Conservation & Drug Discovery in Madagascar Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University David Kingston Madagascar NIH Reporter Link
ICBG: Training, Conservation and Drug Discovery Using Panamanian Microorganisms Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute William Gerwick Panama NIH Reporter Link
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in Papua New Guniea University of Utah Louis Barrows Papua New Guinea NIH Reporter Link
Diverse Drug Lead Compounds From Bacterial Symbionts in Tropical Marine Mollusks Oregon Health Sciences University Margo Haygood Philippines NIH Reporter Link

Exploratory Grants (2003-2005)

Project Title Principal Institution Principal Investigator Collaborating Country NIH Reporter
New Drugs from Marine Natural Resources - Jamaican Reefs University of Mississippi Larry Walker Jamaica NIH Reporter Link
Studies of the Flora and Predator Bacteria of Jordan Research Triangle Institute Nicholas Oberlies Jordan NIH Reporter Link
Drug Discovery and Biodiversity Conservation in Madagascar State University of New York at Stony Brook Iwao Ojima Madagascar NIH Reporter Link
Biodiversity and Drug Discovery in the Philippines Michigan State University Michael Kron Philippines NIH Reporter Link
Drug Development and Biocultural Diversity Conservation National Tropical Botanical Garden Paul Alan Cox Samoa, Tonga NIH Reporter Link

Past Awards (1993-2011)

Project Title Principal Institution Principal Investigator Collaborating Country NIH Reporter
Bioactive Agents from Dryland Biodiversity of Latin America (1993-2003) University of Arizona Barbara Timmermann Argentina, Chile, Mexico NIH Reporter Link
Drug Development and Conservation of Biodiversity in West Africa (1993-2003) Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Brian Schuster Cameroon, Nigeria NIH Reporter Link
Chemical Prospecting in a Costa Rican Conservation Area (1993-1998) Cornell University Jerome Meinwald Costa Rica NIH Reporter Link
Drug Discovery and Biodiversity Among the Maya of Mexico (1998-2002) University of Georgia O. Brent Berlin Mexico NIH Reporter Link
Peruvian Medicinal Plant Sources of New Pharmaceuticals (1993-1998) Washington University Walter Lewis Peru NIH Reporter Link
Building New Pharmaceutical Capabilities in Central Asia (2003-2009) Rutgers University Ilya Raskin Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Khazakhstan NIH Reporter Link
Bioactive Compounds from the Biodiversity of Vietnam and Laos (1998-2011) University of Illinois at Chicago Djaja (Doel) Soejarto Vietnam, Laos NIH Reporter Link

Last Updated: Nov-16-2012